We offer “custom styled technology” to suit your business environment.

An easy job for us - could mean hours to you.
It may even cost you an entire day!
We want to help you make your business more effective, so that you will have more time to do the things you love.
We can do simple tasks or longer projects.
Some of our older customers have stayed with us for over 10 years.
We believe in personalised service.
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Basically, STYLE<bar/> can set up your business, online with all the latest strategies to help your business grow.
STYLE<bar/> products include design, content, and web development. All specifically styled to match your needs. Thus the name, stylebar. :)
We assist with online marketing - SEO and Responsive Web Design.
We create business networks and strategic planning.
We provide Social Media Marketing in English, German and Japanese.

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Oh, and;
STYLE<bar/> can also design and install complex multimedia systems for your office, trade fairs and other company events.
WE make easy to use online shops. We have helped many clients fight the attitude that they are 'bad at computers.' They are then remarkably cruising around the admin interfaces without a worry.
We are really about customer care.
Paying platforms to expose yourself just invites copycats – get your own shop. Statistics show that businesses with their own shops do financially better than ones that use Amazon, e-bay or etsy.

Online shopping and e commerce is a huge multi-billion dollar industry and is expected to grow by 20% this year to $1.8 trillion globally.

Paying platforms to expose yourself just invites copycats – get your own shop. Statistics show that businesses with their own shops do financially better than ones that use e-bay, etsy etc.

Make your own personalised website with optimisation and creative content. We provide software to optimise your working space from sale to distribution and then onto customer care.

Sell your products internationally.
We can link your business with the international marketplace. Amazon, etsy, ebay.
We can get your website translated.
Broaden your horizons, the world is waiting.
You don't want a website? But you need some effective tool to organise your business. We create solutions for you. First we consult with you, to discover the issues you are having and then work together to create new work-flow and and network tools to make life easier.

Our team can help you.
This just means that your website, online-shop or tool will look cool on phones and tablets too. Just ask us and we can make the shift to modernise your business. Ask for a quote here.

We can help you with everything computer and Internet based.

We have all the e-Commerce stuff you need to know.

We do software, hardware and custom-styled technology.

We make online shops with hundreds of thousands of products, 3D art galleries and state of the art Web Apps.

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